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Hi guys,
As you know that mlab.com now is a part of MongoDB atlas, also the connection from Sails Js apps to MongoDB has to change to adapt new connection info (cluster) using sails-mongo (versions:^1.2.0")

I'll go through the steps on how to create a cluster on Mongodb.com I think it very easy.
Okay let's go to config
Step 1: After the Cluster created you need to go to the cluster detail, look below you can see we have 1 primary cluster and two secondary clusters.

Let go through each cluster and copy each shared cluster URL to note, we'll use it for config next step;

Step 2: Config data store for Sails Js, let config like below
url:'mongodb://user:pass@url of shared cluster primary,URL of shared cluster secondary/database name',
replicaSet: see in the detailed cluster page to set your correct replica Set

adapter: 'sails-mongo',
ssl: true ,

That's all config if you have any question please contact me via FB: https://www.facebook.com/leo.trinh.6890/

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